Place Private Inspection Policy


The PSRA (Property Services Regulatory Authority) have set out new Protocols to conduct viewings, inspections and valuations. 

In the best interests of home occupiers, staff and attendees at inspections, Place have introduced new measures for conducting

private viewings.


  • Confirm prior to an inspection that the occupier has not returned from travel abroad or had symptoms of Covid-19 over the last 14 days.

  • Doors will be secured in an open position. Windows will be open to allow for ventilation.

  • Property touch points e.g. door handles, bannister and counter tops to be sanitised prior to viewing.

  • We are conducting hands free viewings. We request that surfaces are not touched. We request attendees to advise if they have touched any surface.

  • Attendees will have to complete a Covid-19 questionnaire prior to confirming viewing of property.

  • Private viewings are conducted allowing 2 persons max from the same family (no children under 16 allowed to attend).

  • We request all attendees to wear their own face coverings.

  • Attendees not to park close to resident’s cars or in front of property. Do not park near an area where children are playing.

  • Viewers will be called on their mobile to advise that the property is ready for inspection. Inspection time allocated is 15 mins.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available on entry to the property. Attendees to hand sanitise on entry and exit of the property.

  • HSE Covid-19 signage will be clearly displayed in the property. Viewers will need to adhere to HSE guidelines whilst attending inspection.

  • Social distancing of 2m must be adhered to.

  • Touch points to be sanitised after viewing.